Willhelmina Lee

"Doomed" Warden-in-Progress




1st generation American. Tradition Chinese parents – small nuclear family. Rebelled against family (think parties and late-night MTV with friends) and didn’t work out at Brooklyn Tech (computers & magic go boom). Her parents were ashamed but let her work as a delivery girl for their bakery in Chinatown.

Rising Conflict:
When the red-court came to shake down Will’s parents AGAIN, this time enough was enough and Will’s father said no. But angering a bunch of red-court vamps is a BAD IDEA! When the vamps decided to monster-up and take what they wanted, Will freaked and her latent magic erupted, setting the entire building on fire. She killed all the vamps. Unfortunately she killed her parents too. When Warden Commander Sofia Martinez descended on the scene and saw what happened, she made a calculation that with 3 of her Wardens dead by the Red Court and this girl’s power obvious, Will was worth more to her and the White Council alive than head-chopped-off dead. Will was placed under the DOOM OF DAMOCLES and drafted into the Warden Corps

First Adventure: “Going Postal”
When people start mysteriously starving and wasting away in the own apartments with nothing but an unmarked package as a clue, Will gets put on the case. After dealing wish shady contacts and dangerous traps, can Will beat both the deadly warlock AND the United States Postal Service? And when it turns out that there’s more to this than meets the eye, can our new Warden find out who is REALLY behind these attacks…?

Willhelmina Lee

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