Theme: The Things You Wish You Didn’t Need To Know

Before the annihilation of the Red Court, it’s influence had spread throughout New York City. They had taken over much of Wall Street and with that had control of a lot of the money that flowed around the city. They also had alliances with many of the other supernatural factions in the city and used them in their continuing war efforts.

One person who was less than thrilled about all this was Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Viewed as almost an autocratic mayor, Bloomberg’s financial independence prevented the Red Court from getting a financial hold on him, and thus much of Bloomberg’s hand-picked circle of advisors and allies.

NYHS-Large.jpgKnowing the threat the Red Court presented, and desiring a place from which his administration’s (unofficial) supernatural work could be directed, Bloomberg quietly directed a great deal of his considerable personal worth to the New York Historical Society (still a drop in the bucket for a Billionaire). Already housing one of the finest libraries in the world, Bloomberg’s personal choice of President and CEO, Natalie Howard, and her Director of Library Operations, Professor Richard Allen, began to augment it with books and manuscripts running the gamut of supernatural and occult subjects (not viewable by the public of course).

The museum’s recent $80-million renovation did more than just enhance the landmark building on Central Park West. It added the new library space to store and view all the occult materials it had been collecting as well as state-of-the-art supernatural research and experimentation labs.

Face: Professor Richard Allen, Eccentric Professor of the Occult


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