Bridget Cathleen Reilly

Insightful Ex-Nun




Born on City Island (where she still resides) to parents to Colleen and Kevin Reilly, Bridget’s early years were full of love and happiness. Her family was quietly, but devoutly religious and Bridget was raised to love God and to see him in all things. At age 18, Bridget joined The Sisters of the Sacred Heart and began the journey to becoming a nun.

Rising Conflict:
Not long after taking her solemn vows Sister Bridget began to be plagued by strange visions- horrible flashes of darkness to come.

As the visions became more terrifying and she began to see the true evil and grace in the souls of those around her… she realized that true darkness lurked outside the convent’s walls, and her God wanted her out there, helping in his name.

In hope of better answering her calling, she went back to school for social work and eventually secured a position with DCF.

First Adventure:
“Leap of Faith”
When a little boy tells social worker, Bridget Reilly that his foster mom is a demon, he doesn’t expect she’ll take his word as gospel. But when the boy vanishes without a trace, Bridget finds herself caught in a race against time and where she’ll have to decide if the devil you know really is better than the devil you don’t.

Guest Star:
“Wrong Smell”
Starring: John Moore

Guest Star Redux:
“The Devil You Know”
Starring: Malcolm Raith
With: Rowan Montague

Bridget Cathleen Reilly

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