Christian Raith

White Court Warlord



White Court Warlord


Narcissistic Personality


Violent Streak a Mile Long; The Ends Justify the Means


Alertness: Good (+3)
Athletics: Great (+4)
Contacts: Good (+3)
Conviction: Good (+3)
Deceit Superb (+5)
Discipline: Great (+4)
Endurance: Good (+3)
Fists: Great (+4)
Guns: Good (+3)
Intimidation: Great (+4)
Investigation: Fair (+2)
Lore: Good (+3)
Presence: Great (+4)
Rapport: Superb (+5)
Resources: Superb (+5)
Stealth: Great (+4)
Weapons: Great (+4)
Christian Raith has few skills below Fair


Personal Magnetism (Presence): When rolling Presence to establish a “passive” reaction to her, Christian makes the roll at +2.


Emotional Vampire [–1]
Human Guise [–0]
Incite Emotion (Lust; Lasting Emotion, At Range) [–3]
Feeding Dependency [+1] affecting the following powers:
Inhuman Strength [–2]
Inhuman Speed [–2]
Inhuman Recovery [–2]
Inhuman Toughness [–2]
The Catch [+0] is True Love.


Mental oooo
Physical oooo(oo)
Social oooo
Hunger oooo





Christian Raith was born about two hundred years ago and is the second eldest living child of Lord Raith, the eldest being Lara. While his older brothers and many younger ones were eventually killed by Lord Raith before attempting to overthrow him, Christian managed to survive the years by treating his father with deference and keeping his distance from the family estate.

For over a century he has nursed a private ambition to rule the White Court himself, and has studied and trained in martial and political arts in preparation for such an accession. Before his schemes were realized, Lara dominated her father and became the true ruler of the family. Christian immediately realized what had happened, and became complicit in Lara’s rulership, if only as a preliminary step in taking over himself at some indeterminate point in the future when he possessed the resources to take her down. Perhaps to avoid assassination attempts, perhaps to make use of his talents, or as some combination of the two, Lara sent Christian to New York City to stage a takeover of Red Court resources and manage other White Court interests in the area.

Christian is genial, but has a short temper when he perceives any sort of insult. That same pride makes him notably susceptible to flattery. He tends towards violence whenever possible, but ultimately his ambitions are a higher priority than satisfying his sadism or his pride—with power on the line, he’ll do just about anything to get it.

Christian Raith

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