Rowan Montague

Burnt-Out Valkyrie Cop




Daughter of Odin, Rowan always believed in war. In shepherding those to honorable death. But when her father turned to Monoc Securities, she disagreed with selling out to the highest bidder. She told him to fuck off, and he has damned her to a mortal life ever since.

Rising Conflict:
In this life, she was born into a wealthy Manhattan couple. A trust fund baby, she could do what she pleased, but she always wanted to be a cop. Her family is horribly ashamed of her choices and she’s often caught between her street-level aspirations and her wealthy family.

First Adventure:
“Blood Baths”
Guest Starring: Bridget Reilly
A child went missing with whom Bridget Reilly was working. It was discovered he’d been taken by a demon cult. Rowan saw that he was marked for death but intervened. During the rescue, she gave the child to Bridget and told them to run while she stayed behind to fight and arrest what they could. Now there will be karma to pay.

Guest Star:
“The Devil You Know”
Starring: Malcolm Raith
Rowan and Malcolm meet at the Hellfire Club while she is trying to get dirt to shut down the family running out of the club. She doesn’t succeed in shutting it down, but he helps protect her from consequences afterwards and they become strange friends.

Guest Star Redux:
“Ancient Stories”
Starring: Alberic Grimes
With: Alex Moore
Rowan follows a missing person into the never never where she ends up at the center of a circus with Alex. She and Alex perform a wolf-taming act and assist Alberic in negotiating out his friend from the hands of the Fae.

Rowan Montague

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