Theme:Lust-Soaked Raith Bastion

On Ninth Avenue between 13th and 14th streets, there is an unmarked, unremarkable door between Bill’s Bar and Burger and Dos Caminos Mexican Restaurant. A bulky bouncer leans next to this door, casually checking the identity of people that approach the door against the list on his smartphone. Those who are granted entry walk through a short, dark hallway to an iron spiral staircase down to the massive underground, Club Hellfire. The décor is industrial-chic, the lighting is minimal, and the Patrons are dressed in S&M Gear, formal wear, or some combination of the two. All manner of perversion takes place in the clubs private rooms and even on the dance floor, where ravers have traded their glowsticks for whips, chains, and sex toys. There are no laws or rules that govern activity in the club, besides what understandings are worked out between the vampires of the White Court that run and enjoy this historical establishment.

During the 1970s and early 80s, the meatpacking district was a hotbed of sex clubs tailored to every conceivable kink and sexual orientation; none was more popular than the infamous, infernal-themed Hellfire Club, which specialized in leather and a particularly intense brand of sadomasochism. Hellfire was one of many clubs in the area owned and operated by the Raith family of White Court Vampires, providing them a concrete foothold on the isle of Manhattan. The Aids Crisis hit no part of the world harder than the meatpacking district, unsurprising as the virus itself was a calculated move against the Raiths. Hellfire and dozens of other clubs were forced to close their doors to the public. Lacking the resources to maintain their plethora of now unoccupied establishments, the Raiths consolidated their influence into Hellfire and kept its continued existence a secret to all but those who possessed a rare invitation.

Since the disappearance of the Red Court, Hellfire has become more than simply a vampire-run, violent sex club; it is in fact the staging ground for an attempted takeover of the Red Court’s former areas of influence. This operation is being masterminded by the Lara’s ambitious, warlike brother, Christian Raith. The club is frequented by ever more wealthy and prestigious movers and shakers in both the mundane and supernatural communities, gathered to the shrine of excess by the interests of various members of the White Court.


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