The vampires of Asia are known as the Jade Court. While the White Court feeds on emotions and the Black Court feeds on blood, the Jade Court feeds on the actual life force itself: the Chi. In effect, a Jade Court vampire feeds directly on the souls of mortals. The most convenient source chi can be stolen in is blood, hence their vampiric tendencies. Making their feeing easier (as if they actually needed it), all Jade Court vampires have the nifty ability to mimic the form of another being… So one could be standing right next to you right now and you would have no idea.

Generally, vampires of the Jade are divided into two categories, Yin and Yang. Yin vampires are creatures of strength and toughness while Yang vampires, on the other hand, are beings of swiftness and energy. Despite the stark differences between the two aspects of the Jade Court, their is little conflict between them based solely on their nature. A Yin vampire could easily work with a vampire of Yang and many do, forming teams and partners ships based on exploiting the alliance of their contradictory natures.

Which isn’t to say there is no conflict within the Jade Court. There is plenty. The Court is divided into a multitude of major and minor houses and clans, each maneuvering through intrigue, stealth, manipulation or outright violence to expand their power and influence, usually at the expense of another house or clan. The recent destruction of the Red Court will doubtless given the Court new opportunities to expand and one can expect to see the Jade Court vampires bringing their hungers to new lands ripe for exploitation.

Despite seeming human, Jade Court vampires gain new members by adoption and conversion instead of natural birth. They tend to be highly selective of their potential offspring, for the deeds of their “children” will reflect glory (or shame) onto their “parents.” A poor selection of a child results not only the destruction of that child, but often the parent who created the child. Thus, prior to investing in the creation of a child, a Jade Court vampire will often watch their prospective recruit for months or years. Some more traditional clans maintain covert breeding programs of their servitor humans and select only the most perfect specimens for elevation to the Court.

MUSTS: A Jade Court Vampire must have High Concept that mentions its vampiric nature and whether it is aspected towards Yin or Yang. In addition, Jade Court Vampires must purchase the following Powers:

Chi Drinker [-1]
Claws [-1]
Human Guise [-0]
Feeding Dependency [+1] covering the following abilities:
Mimic Form [-2]
Cloak of Shadows [-1]
Inhuman Speed (Yang) or Strength (Yin) [-2]
Supernatural Recovery (Yang) or Toughness (Yin) [-4]
The Catch [+2] is (sunlight for both along with Bamboo (Yin) or Lead (Yang)

OPTIONS: Which Powers a Jade Court Vampire may purchase depends on whether it is Yin or Yang.

If it is Yin then it may purchase Inhuman Toughness, increase its Strength to Supernatural, or purchase Inhuman Speed.

If it is Yang then it may purchase Inhuman Recovery, increase its Speed to Supernatural, or purchase Inhuman Strength.



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